When Employment Law Matters

I know of at least a few people who were fired due to falling ill too often in their place of work. I believe that some of those people had it coming (since they were rather abusing the fact that they were allowed to take a sick leave), but some of them were in my opinion wrongfully fired.

When it comes to Lighthouse employment law employers need to realize that they cannot fire a person only because they were sick once or twice and couldn’t show up to work. I still remember how many years ago while applying for a job I was told that if I get sick and don’t come to work even once I will be fired immediately. I believe that what the company was doing was strictly illegal. Fortunately for me, I never had to work for them so I never had to deal with employment law, but I wonder about all those people who need to cope with such cases on a daily basis.

It is definitely difficult to be fired from your job even if you believe that you fall sick often. If you feel like you have been wrongfully fired, don’t hesitate to ask some lawyers for help to offer you assistance in your case.

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