Checking Your Grammar

If you use Microsoft Word, then you should know that apart from checking text for spelling mistakes it will also check for our grammar. To have your grammar checked, either press F7 or go to Tools and then Spelling and Grammar. You will see a dialog window and at the bottom left part of it check grammar options. If you want MS Word to check your grammar, check this box. If not, then leave it unchecked. Although grammar checking option in Word helped me a few times, I do not always follow its suggestions as very often they seem rather awkward and inaccurate. I guess it is still not so easy for a grammar checking program to to fully understand the English language. Try to experiment a little and click on Options button located at the bottom of the window. You will see that you are given a choice which writing style your grammar should be check according to. These options include: Formal, Casual, Standard, Technical and Custom.

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Software Reviews on the Internet

One of the more innovative ways to make money online is to write software reviews for companies which would benefit from it. It is a proven fact that good reviews increase sales and since software is often quite expensive, you might be able to earn around $50 for a very good review. Actually there are some sites which pay for the best reviews. Unfortunately, for a typical review you will probably earn only 1$. You can also do it on your own and contact different companies directly to cut out the middleman. Companies which do not have reviews or testimonials will be interested the most, as larger companies have plenty of advertising already. This is definitely a quite interesting idea to make money.

My Thoughts on Getting Out of Debt

I am sure that many of you, my readers, are currently in debt. Maybe you do not think about your debt often, but when you need to pay your monthly payments and it seems that you do not have enough money to be able to do it, you start wondering what to do about it. It seems that getting out of debt can sometimes be a lot more difficult to accomplish especially if you do not have anybody to help you. Even if you have somebody to help you with the task, it still does not mean that you are on the right track. What do in order to get out of debt? From my personal experience I can say that reducing my own experienced helped me a lot in the past. Every time I want to have more money and get out of debt, I look at the list of items I spend my money on to see if I really need to buy all those things.