I would definitely like to have my own garden one day. I used to live in a house with a garden when I was a child and although I now I live in a flat, I have very fond memories from that period of my life. Having a garden gives many possibilities when it comes to arranging it. This includes flowers, vegetables, and other plants that can be freely planted there. Gardens give a lot of free space and an opportunity to extend one’s home. If you have ever dreamed about having your own sauna but never actually could afford to allocate some space for it in your home, you can always consider elevating a garden building that will accommodate all your needs. It can be either your new office if you need some peaceful time on your own, away from family members, or even a gym. One problem with which I am struggling at the moment is that I cannot listen to the music really loud because of my neighbors. I could do whatever I want if I had my small, wooden hut hidden somewhere in a garden. Another example can be playing a musical instrument which usually annoys everybody around, even the family members. Having a garden building is a good solution for musicians as well.

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