The Ascension Of A Corporate Lawyer

High profile lawyers must build a practice that serves a diverse clientele, and they must make sure to market themselves well. However, people who want to become high profile corporate attorneys must understand that there is more than one way to ascend into the spotlight. Joseph Tacopina was brought into the spotlight because Alex Rodriguez is his client, but Mr. Tacopina has represented numerous high profile clients over the years. He is a man with an education from the University of Bridgeport, but how he came to be in the public eye is a path anyone can take.

Get Through Law School

The choice of law school has less to do with prestige and more to do with comfort. Everyone who wants to finish law school must attend in a place where they are comfortable. When the school atmosphere is invigorating and exciting, anyone can become a great lawyer. However, people who choose to go to an Ivy League school just because of the prestige may find that the education environment is not as nice as they anticipated. At the end of the day, a law degree is a law degree.

Start Working With A Big Firm

Going to work with a big law firm is often the best way to learn how to manage a large law firm. The experience that people get in the trenches will change their perception of how law firms operate. People who are unaware of how these major law firms work may not be able to manage their own employees as their firm grows. Begin with an entry-level position before entertaining ambitions of working in the spotlight.

Start A Private Law Firm When Ready

Most people who have put in a few years with a large law firm can strike out on their own with the experience they have garnered. Starting a business is a big step for most people, but it is a step that can be taken when the lawyer has worked under managing attorneys for a few years. This experience will teach them how to be managers of people themselves.


Networking is the most important part of building a client base in the law profession. Lawyers do not chase ambulances, but they are in places where high profile people are. People will learn the name of the lawyer and give them a call when it is time. Creating an atmosphere where the lawyer is the first person someone calls in the event of trouble is a good step for both parties.

Networking with other attorneys also helps in this process. Every attorney on a large legal team is well represented in the media. The lawyer may not be the lead attorney on a case, but they may be close enough to the action to get some free press. This networking opportunity opens even more doors for the attorney and their new practice.

Becoming a high powered attorney is all about getting through school, networking and being in the right place at the right time. New clients come in droves when the attorney has put the time in beforehand.

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