Lawyer in Briarcliff Manor, New York

Today, Carole Coleman Florestal is an attorney in New York, with over eighteen years of experience, living and working in the New York area. The areas she focuses are on financial services and international business. She works as an investment Management Lawyer and this includes knowing worldwide investment management and cross-border regulation and distribution. She was born and raised in Norwich, Connecticut on August 23, 1969. From a very young age Carol knew she wanted to be an attorney. She would constantly debate with someone when they had opposing statements and she was also very articulated. Her parents noticed the signs in her daughter and encouraged her to become a lawyer that she always wanted to be.

A Lawyer with Experience

Upon graduating high school, Carole got accepted into Howard University in 1991. To add to her education, Carole Coleman Florestal has graduated from Notre-Dame University in International and Law. In Carole’s past, she has worked for large firms in the United States such as BNP Paribas Investment and Deutsche Asset Management. She has also passed the New York Bar in February 1996 and since then she has chosen to work as a lawyer in the private practice and at different banks. She has also worked a lot in corporate secretarial functions and knows how to communicate and deal with board of directors and senior management. Carole Coleman Florestal is also well versed in US and International regulatory compliance and corporate governance. She is a hard working attorney and gets the job done on time for her clients. Carole has a lot of different experience and she is very dedicated to her job.


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