How to Handle Workplace Accident Paperwork

If you have an accident at work that requires medical attention, you will be required to do a mountain of paperwork in order to seek reimbursement for the expenses you incurred for treatment. It’s crucial to your claim that you have accurate information that’s filed in a timely manner. After you’ve been treated and you are at home resting, you should record your thoughts so that when you complete your paperwork for a claim you’ll have exactly what you need to expedite the process.



The Details

The first information that you want to record in your journal is a detailed timeline of what happened, who was present, and the date that the accident occurred. If you work shifts, you may also want to make a note of the time and any supervisors who instructed you to attempt the task on which you were working. Remember that an accident at work compensation claim requires a plethora of detailed information that must be verified by witnesses or by good documentation that you kept after the accident. You should also make copies of all medical treatment, and details of doctor’s visits and any therapy that you received so that you can share this information with your claim solicitors.


Follow Workplace Policy

The professional team at urges you to strictly follow the policy provided by your employer for filing an accident report. This will be your first step in getting compensation for a work-related injury. The form should be provided to you by an employee of your company; ask for a detailed explanation so that you can complete the form properly the first time. Failure to go by company policy can delay the benefits to which you are entitled. After you complete these forms, ask your employer for a copy so that you can give them to your solicitors who are working for you on your claim.

Professional Care

If you had a serious injury, your doctor will require you to visit their office at set intervals so that they can observe your progress. If you need therapy or specialist treatment, your doctor can write a description of what is needed so that your solicitors can include this treatment in your claim. You may also want to ask your doctor to estimate your recovery time so that your out-of-work expenses can be added into the total amount of your accident claim.


Losses Incurred

Are you unable to return to work after your accident? Have you had to hire home health care providers to assist you with regular household duties? You should discuss such expenses and any other related losses with your solicitors to see if you can be reimbursed for them. If you will be out of work for a long time, ask your solicitors to figure in your lost income so that you can recover this along with all of your other expenses. By working with an experienced legal team you can get the money you deserve to carry on your lifestyle and continue to meet your financial obligations on time.


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