Three Rights You Have As a Consumer

As a consumer, it’s essential that you are aware of all the shopping rights that protect you whenever you make a purchase. Knowing what you are entitled to will simplify and strengthen the process of making a claim whenever there is one to be made.

Here are three rights that you have as a consumer:

You have a right to legal protection when in debt

There will always be collectors and creditors out there that prey on consumers like yourself who have no background in the legal sector. It’s a good thing, then, that you have a right to legal protection whenever your consumer rights are violated.

Importantly, it’s essential that you remember that you are entitled to seek lawsuit help when fighting debt. If you don’t seek and accept this type of assistance, you could be at the mercy of creditors and the crippling interest rates that they charge for years on end.

You have rights when it comes to product quality

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 ensures that all products that you purchase — whether they’re physical or digital — must be as they were described on the box, they must be fit for the purpose they were designed for, and they must be of satisfactory quality. Anything less, and you have every right to receive a full refund or a product replacement.

The standards that must be met every time you purchase a product are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to ‘as described’ and ‘fit for purpose’. The waters do tend to get a little murkier, however, with regards to satisfactory quality. Of course, the goods that you purchase should never be faulty or damaged when you first purchase or receive them. What is deemed to be a satisfactory condition as time goes by, however, is completely dependent on the product, how much it cost to buy, and where you purchased it.

A child’s toy that was picked out of a bargain bucket in a discount variety shop and cost 50p, for example, wouldn’t be expected to last a year without breaking. A luxury item such as a brand-new 4K HD TV, however, would be expected to last for years without fault. Therefore, what should and should not be held to high standards with regards to satisfactory quality is down to personal judgement — if you don’t want to waste your time making claims that aren’t going to prove fruitful, be sure to remember when you bought your item, where you bought it from, and how it cost at the time of purchase.

You have a right to repairs or replacements

On most of the items that you purchase, there will be a 30-day right to reject. This means that you have 30 days to bring your goods back to the store in order to have them repaired or replaced if you received them in an unsatisfactory quality.

Should any of the following be true, you will be entitled to a refund rather than a repair:

  • The value of the product is disproportionate to how much the repair is going to cost
  • A full-service repair is physically impossible
  • Significant inconvenience is going to be caused to you should the repair go ahead

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