The Bellwether Trial Dates for MDL of Xarelto Court Cases Announced

The preset date for the hearing of trials against Xarelto and the manufacturers, Janssen Pharmaceuticals (which happens to be a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Corporation) and Bayer AG have been declared. The first two of the trials will be held on February 6th and March 13th, in the eastern district of Louisiana. The other two trials will be heard in Texas on the 24th of April and 30th of May, 2017

Disaster Stroke after Its Approval by FDA

Following its approval by the FDA in 2011, this drug has attracted negative opinion as well as reviews from many people across the country, with some saying that it is actually one of the most dangerous anticoagulant drugs in the market. One of the aspects that triggered such opinions from the public is the fact that the drug was approved and then marketed aggressively by the manufacturer without an antidote. This was contrary to the norm as all the traditional anticoagulant medications came with an antidote to stop bleeding, in the event that a patient developed internal bleeding or injured him or herself.

The antidote for the traditional anticoagulant medications that existed before Xarelto was administered in the form of vitamin K. Since this new-generation drug did not have an antidote, it was absolutely necessary for its users to monitor their diets keenly and visit a doctor every now and then. An antidote for the drug was availed after the drug had in circulation for years. By the time the antidote was availed, numerous court cases had been filed against it and the manufacturers.

Complains Against the Drug

The plaintiffs in more than 2,800 law suits filed against Xarelto and contained in the MDL 2592 claim that the use of this medication exposed them to a great risk of stroke, blood clots, eye and gastrointestinal hemorrhages as well as an array of other medical complications associated with the drug. According to the complainants in these cases, the manufacturers vilely neglected their responsibility to warn the users of the potential risks and side effects of the drug when they were marketing it.

Formation of the Mass Tort Program

In addition to the many cases represented in the MDL 2592, there is a mass tort program that contains 550 individual cases. The mass tort program is scheduled for hearing at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. The reactions to the various grave side effects and risk posed by this medication have called for decisive action by the scholarly community as well as the general public. As the trial dates for these cases draws closer, the complainants are certain that more court cases will be added to the already large number of cases against Xarelto and its manufacturers.




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