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Drunk driving often referred to as driving under influence. (DUI) is taken as a very serious crime due to its fatality.

A good dui attorney tampa can have the case dismissed, charges reduced or even negotiate with the court on your behalf for lesser sentences.

If charged with driving under influence, you will receive a criminal sentence, for example, a fine, community service or jail and your license suspended for a while. The type of penalty depends on the severity of the blood- alcohol concentration (BAC) and whether it is the first offense in the criminal records of the driver.

Legal representation can be barely affordable, but with a skilled DUI attorney, you can even get the charges withdrawn or reduced. Drunk driving cases can be financially straining and serious if not handled by a good attorney. Cost and expenses is therefore not a factor to consider when looking for a highly skilled DUI attorney.

Contact a good criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

Tips for hiring the best DUI Attorney.

The dream of every DUI victim is to avoid jail and save their license. A slight mistake in handling a DUI charge can easily lead to an avoidable terrible outcome. When hiring a DUI attorney, there are some issues you need to consider in order to achieve perfection in your case.

  • Amount of experience.

The number of years that an attorney has handled DUI cases is crucial for him to achieve success in your case. A highly experienced attorney will be able to know the procedures required to successfully handle the case

  • Free initial consultation.

Initial consultation with a DUI attorney enables you to ask any questions involving the case and also pour out any information that the lawyer would require in handling your case in court.

  • Trial bargains experience.

An attorney with experience in trial bargains is likely to handle a DUI conviction with so much ease.


  • Specialization in DUI law.

An attorney who specializes in DUI cases would be more efficient in handling your case than a general lawyer.

The services of a Clearwater criminal defense attorney  are a must acquire in case you are a suspect in crime or violation of the law. You are supposed to seek a criminal defense attorney who has worked on the type of case you have for the best defense and representation since different rules and procedures.

Driving under influence is normally proven through evidence of any impairment or blood alcohol level (BAL) of above 08. Evidence of abnormalities when driving range from clearly observed lack of proper coordination and slow response while on the road.

The criminal charges for a DUI in Florida depend on the number of offenses in the accused’s records, the driver’s blood alcohol content or composition and the time spent in between the three convictions.

DUI may cost you serious consequences and penalties, up to losing your driver’s license, which is exactly why you need the best attorney to help defend you against the charge. Knowledgeable Clearwater DUI lawyers will help negotiate for withdrawal of the charges or reduction of the charge’s severity.


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