MCX Upgrades and accessories

MCX-USA is known for their high quality turbo systems, but they offer an entire line of upgrades in addition.  From low compression pistons to overdrive/underdrive clutch kits, MCX has everything that you need to complement your turbo system.  Their Turbos are offered in packages for most of the sport UTV models, from the RZR 800, 900XP, 1000XP, to the WIldcat to the Commander and Maverick.  The following parts are a just a few upgrade options for those interested in “Going Turbo.”

CP has a reputation for building some of the best quality UTV pistons on the market. Built to perform and outlast the competition, especially in powersport market, CP is recognized as a technological leader in piston design. They focus on developing industry-leading products for racing and other high performance applications.  CP-Carrillo pistons are available for the Polaris RZR XP 900, designed in several compression ratios, and can be used with MCX’s standard and low boost turbo kits.    Their Anti Detonation Grooves, Accumulator Groove, Constant Pressure Groove, and double pin oilers set these apart from other pistons on the market for turbo applications.

MCX uses Team Industries overdrive-underdrive performance clutch kits to fine tune the clutch on their turbo applications.  The kit includes the primary and secondary clutch, primary and secondary springs, an adjustable weight set, an extreme duty belt and a clutch cover spacer. If you are going to add a turbo to your vehicle, the clutch MUST be tuned to get the most out of your turbo, and it is important to contact the company and provide them with your vehicle’s tire size, driving style and application and elevation.

MCX even makes a high performance intake manifold for the RZR XP 1000.  The plenum helps you avoid torn intake boots. When running a turbo, the XP 1000 Billet Intake Manifold helps prevent throttle bodies from slipping out of the intake boot, a common problem with this model. A delrin clamp secures both throttle bodies, which prevents anything from getting into the intake.  The intake is a billet aluminum manifold that includes the o-rings for a long life. For these products and many more Polaris RZR accessories and parts, visit





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