Kansas Puts Ban On Second Trimester Abortion Procedures

A bill, SB95, has been approved in Kansas by Kansas Legislature to put a ban on the procedures being used for abortions after the first trimester. The procedures used for aborting the child in the second trimester will not be allowed anymore and with this legislation Kansas has come out as the first and only state to implement such a ban.

8% of the abortions being done in the state are said to be done with the method that has received the ban. The procedures include dilation and evacuation. From the name it is clear what the method does and how abortion takes place.

This particular case on the procedure was brought to courts by National Right to Life Committee. The committee clearly states the procedure as being brutal and cruel. The opponents of the committee and idea of banning have also raised their voice on the matter.

Chapter president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood, Laura McQuade has opposed the approval on ban critically. She said that approval of this bill only shows that the legislature of the state is only propagating a political agenda and not caring about the life of the women.

A Los Angeles Attorney, Michael P. Ehline from www.ehlinelaw.com confirms that the approval has been made and this is going to ban the procedures for aborting the child after second trimester has started. However, there are certain conditions in which these procedures have been given an exemption. For example, when the life of mother is in danger and abortion is the only method to save her life and when giving birth to the child is expected to cause severe medical complications for the mother.

Legislature has approved the bill despite all the opposition and now the bill will be presented in front of the governor of the state, Sam Brownback. Of course, this is the final state of approval and hopes can be associated by opponent parties but the governor has already stated his intentions that he will not hesitate from signing the bill and have it included in the law of the state.

For decades and centuries the law revolving around reproduction, parenthood and abortions has been causing controversies. Just recently in the state of Wisconsin a rule was passed that it was unconstitutional requiring the doctors performing abortions to have patient-admitting privileges.

The attorney general of Mississippi, Jim Hood, put forth a request for US Supreme Court to reconsider an abortion law. This law had been announced as unconstitutional by Federal Court in the past year and Jim Hood thought that this particular should be implemented in the state again and its status of being unconstitutional be removed too.

The US House of Representatives have recently passed another bill just at the start of this year to put a ban on abortions that receive support from federal funding.

Other similar issues are going on in other states of the country as well. Montana, Mississippi and Alabama are other states where the issue of abortion and parenthood is one of the top controversies of the states.


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