Having Peace of Mind About Your Email

If you have an email that you use on a regular basis, you probably belong to one of the following groups of people: those who don’t care whether somebody reads their messages or not, those who care suspecting that somebody might be reading them, and finally those who want to be on the safe side and protect their email accounts with various encryption methods such as auto destructing electronic messages so that nobody else but them can read their emails. In my opinion, as well as in the opinion of many other people, it makes sense to protect your email from all the intruders who might want to get their hands on them. I am not thinking here exclusively about the NSA, but many other people such as hackers who might want to gain access to your personal and business info in order to destroy you.

I am sure that you would agree with me that an average email account is insecure simply because it doesn’t have any encryption to protect it from prying eyes. When you send an email over the Internet, a situation that happens millions of times every single day, it immediately goes through third party SMTP servers. That way it becomes a lot more public than many people might think. In many cases, an email might never reach its final destination. Secure encryption might be the only solution here.

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