Have You Been Fired? Find Out If You Should Take Legal Action!

There are people up and down the country that gets fired from their jobs every day. The initial reaction to being fired is usually one filled with anger. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Some people try and move on with their life, they look for a new job, a fresh start. Others have a harder time dealing with things. They feel they were wrongly dismissed and want answers, justice.

A lot of the time, your suspicions may have been correct. You were wrongly fired, and deserve some form of compensation. If this is the case, then you need to take legal action.

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How Can You Take Legal Action?

All employment dismissal disputes will be handled by a tribunal. As the employee, you can make a claim that you think you were fired without reason. Then, you have to go through a conciliation process before your claim is moved forward. If things aren’t solved here, then you’ll proceed with the full tribunal. You’ll be asked to give evidence, and end up in a court-like scenario. If all goes well, you’ll win your claim and get the right compensation. This can help you move on, and find another job without that weight hanging over you.

It’s important to note that your employer will do all they can to ensure you don’t win. They’ll get early conciliation advice and support to stop the claim going to a tribunal. They’ll find the best lawyers to help gather evidence against you. Don’t think that things will be easy. If you want to take legal action, you have to be prepared for a fight.

Before you start taking action, it’s crucial you find out if it’s the right thing to do. I’ve written some advice to help you find out if you should take legal action:


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What Does Your Contract Say?

It’s crucial that you look at your contract before taking legal action. You may find that there’s a hidden clause or two. It may turn out that your contract says you can be let go without cause if the company chooses to. In this scenario, it’s tough to fight a legal case for you. But, you may find details that play in your favour too. The opposite could be written; it may say you can’t be fired without cause. In which case, make a tribunal claim!

Why Were You Fired?

The reason for your dismissal is key to whether or not legal action should be taken. If you aren’t given a reason, then that’s a sign to take action. Employers need to tell you why you’ve been fired; they can’t just do it out of the blue. If you think the reason is false, then that’s another sign to take action. However, if you’ve been fired for stealing, and you have been stealing, then you’ve got no case.

Is It Worth Your Time/Money?

It costs money to make a claim, and they usually take a while. You have to look at your current situation and assess whether it’s worth it. It’s possible you’ll talk things through with your family, and they’ll say it’s not worth your time.

Ask yourself these three questions if you want to find out whether you should take legal action or not. If you do choose to go ahead with things, then it can help you get closure and justice.


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