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First Offenders

It happens sometimes. You grow up and go on with life and at some point, you get into a little bit of trouble and you are facing a judge in your local court system. You find yourself in need of a criminal attorney in the Grand Rapids area. So now what do you do? This is the first time you have ever gotten in any criminal trouble and you are literally shaking in your shoes going through all the what-ifs that could happen such as what if you go to jail or what if you lose your job and all kinds of other scenarios. You do not want to face a judge alone, especially if this is your first offense. Make an appointment with a Grand Rapids Criminal Attorney to discuss your case.

The definition of a first offender is very simple: a first offender is an individual who has previously had no arrests or convictions. First offenses are those that involve alcohol (DUI), drug charges, shoplifting as well as various other charges. All Grand Rapids criminal attorneys are knowledgeable in the first offenders programs as well as other diversion programs that are being offered in the state of Michigan.

The sooner that you make contact with and retain an attorney, the sooner the attorney can let you know of the options that are available as they pertain to you. Each individual case is always different in some way. Only a criminal attorney is able to help you once you are formally charged.
A Criminal Attorney in Grand Rapids can help in the Kent County Court systems if you are a first time offender by making a plea bargain, or deal with the court. These deals can include sentencing that includes community service in lieu of a criminal offense noted on your record as long as community service is completed. The following are some examples what can be ordered or bargained for in a court in the case of a first offender:

*community service

These are only examples as only a Criminal Attorney and judge can come to an agreement on a plea bargain for you.

As an individual, it is your right to appear before the judge and court and plead your own case without a Criminal Attorney in Grand Rapids; however retaining a knowledgeable attorney will be more beneficial to you in the long run, especially if you have not ever committed or been charged or arrested for any crime previously.

If you find yourself in a situation of a first offense in Kent County, Michigan, it is advisable to contact a Grand Rapids DUI Attorney to discuss the case as well as options that may be available to you. And once you find an attorney that you feel will best represent you, retain that attorney so that he or she can begin to work on your case and have it ready before the court date. When you go to your appointment, remember to take all pertinent papers with you and remember to be honest. Being open and honest with your attorney is best. And remember, do not be afraid to ask questions!


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