Citizenship by Investment

When you go to South Europe, you cannot help but notice the amount of British expats living there. It seems that more and more British citizens out of late seem to favour settling down in countries such as Malta, Spain or Cyprus and not all of them are necessarily retired. More and more young people also decide to take their passport with them and head down to Malta at the first opportunity seeing it as a great place to spend their younger years.

The idea of citizenship by investment is definitely an interesting one and deserves the attention of all those who are looking for a place to settle down their business. Malta came up with it so e time ago, the situation that caused some stir among some people in the country. Now, several months later, it seems that we are starting to learn to results of the decision of the Maltese government to grant citizenship to those who want to bring to the country a certain amount of investment money. Those who want to do it don’t necessarily have to be European citizens as even people from outside of the Euro zone can become Maltese citizens after residing in the country for the minimum of 12 months.

It seems that things are working out in Malta, and this is why several other countries such as Cyprus and Croatia are already considering taking similar steps in order to start similar programs.

Personally, I believe that Malta is a great country to invest and that it has a lot of potential for investors. I lived there myself for six years in a place called Bugibba and I know that the country has a lot to offer in terms of good weather and friendly investment climate. Were it not for some things that keep me here where I live, I would possibly return there.

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