Assault And Battery In Massachusetts

Massachusetts law says that any person can be charged with assault and battery if it made intentional contact with the person that did not consent to that contact. Even though most people think that a lot more is needed to be charged with assault and battery in Massachusetts, the reality is quite different. You don’t have to kick or punch someone to get charged, you will be prosecuted even if you touched someone.

When You Are Charged With Assault And Battery In Massachusetts

More often than not, the defendant was not even aware he was breaking the law. It quite often happens that an individual makes empty threats or spits on someone and this ends up with a charge. If you are one of those people who never actually meant to do any harm or was tricked into a situation you couldn’t handle, you might want to hire a Massachusetts criminal lawyer. Being charged with a serious offense can do a lot harm to you and your family. This is why you need a good legal representative.

Even though assault and battery in Massachusetts is a misdemeanor, it carries a significant jail time penalty, along with a money fine. The worst thing is, this will go in your criminal report. And if you used a dangerous weapon or if you inflicted serious injuries to the victim, assault and battery becomes a felony. The maximum penalty is considerably increased here and you may end up in jail for up to 10 years.

You Need A Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer

Finding a Massachusetts criminal lawyer who has knowledge, skill and experience should be your most important priority. Without a good legal representative, your entire life may be ruined. It will be hard to live through the prison sentence, but it will be even harder to live in the world where every employer checks your background and finds out you’ve been charged and convicted of assault and battery in Massachusetts. It will be impossible for you to find a good job and it will be hard to rent a good apartment.

Your only chance lies in your good defense. And you need a skilled Massachusetts criminal lawyer for this. He will try to file for motions that can get the charged dropped, if possible. And he will try to reduce your maximum penalty or get you a plea bargain. This is something you can’t do on your own and every small mistake you make here can cost you a lot down the road. When you take that into consideration, it’s wise to hire a good criminal attorney, someone who will fight for your legal rights and help you get out of this trouble as fast as possible.

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