A Family Attorney Offers Many Valuable Services

When searching for an attorney for your family’s legal needs, you should look for a law firm that provides a full range of services. The following are a few of the legal services that should a law firm should provide within the family law framework.

Divorce and child custody issues
Divorce is an emotional period in a person’s life, and it can lead to many mistakes that are made concerning property settlement as well as the agreements regarding children. A good family attorney will have experience in both divorces and child custody issues, so you can use the law firm for one or both services. Using an attorney for divorce is critical. There may be issues that you don’t’ think about, but a good attorney will make sure that all applicable issues in your situation are addressed.

Negotiating with your spouse’s attorney
The ability to negotiate will help you keep a divorce from becoming to legally competitive and lengthen the time before the divorce agreement is reached. Your rights will be protected as well as keeping the emotional pain to a minimum. In the absence of a custody issue, an attorney will have the ability to negotiate a child support agreement.

Property settlement
Property can be negotiated and a settlement often reached without going to court. Although a good family attorney will have experience in a court fighting for his or her client’s rights, they will also have a record of negotiating settlements out of court. Settlement property issues in court can become expensive, and a good family attorney will often be able to create an agreement without getting the courts involved to settle disputes.

Spousal payments
If you have issues with the money you are receiving from your ex-spouse, a family attorney can work towards having these payments adjusted, or as is frequently the case, collecting the unpaid money from your ex-spouse.

Prenuptial agreements
If you are not married yet, entering into an agreement prior to marriage can make it clear what each party is agreeing to before they are married. Although you may be reluctant to have such an agreement because it seems as if you are planning for a future divorce, the truth is that knowing what is being agreed to at the time of a marriage can help a marriage succeed.

There are several family attorneys in the Sydney area that offer all of the services listed above and more. One example of a family lawyers Sydney law firm is Prime Lawyers.


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