5 Things You Need To Ask Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in San Diego

When you begin the proceedings to get a bankruptcy filing, then you are going to have to hire a bankruptcy lawyer San Diego, and you will need to be certain that all your questions are answered. Many times, it’s simple for the attorney to start from the legal proceedings and forget to describe everything for you. Bankruptcies are definitely not simple, and they are able to be procedures which are confusing and stressful.

Where Can You Find Bankruptcy Lawyers in San Diego?

There are several ways you can find a bankruptcy lawyer:

Asking Friends and Associates: You can get recommendations from your friends and family who have been through a bankruptcy and can get information from them.

Law Sites: You can go online and look for bankruptcy attorneys on law sites such as Justia list lawyers, Yelp lawyers San Diego, and other popular law sites.

For you started and to allow you to feel a little less overwhelmed, Here are a few of the questions that you need to ask your San Diego bankruptcy lawyer:

Can I File for Bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy attorney will let you know if you need to file for bankruptcy. If all your property and income will be exempt from garnishment or execution, bankruptcy might not be your very best alternative. A bankruptcy lawyer will let you know if that’s how it is.

What Kind of Bankruptcy Should I File?

There are various kinds of bankruptcies and that one is going to work for you may depend on your bankruptcy problem. A lot of people don’t understand that, and they think they can simply get their debts wiped away. This isn’t the situation, and you’ll want to be certain to understand exactly what will be submitted long before you begin the bankruptcy proceedings. In this manner, you won’t be surprised by this procedure.

How Long Will The Bankruptcy Process Last?

Naturally, there are lots of things which may impact this. You’ll have to receive all the paperwork filled out. The court dates will need to be put. The creditors will need to be contacted. Overall, there’s no set time frame that the procedure will require. But, an experienced bankruptcy attorney will understand the court systems there and will be able to assess the situation. Then, they should be able to better give you an idea of what time length the process will take.

What Will Your Fees Be?

Different attorneys cost different amounts of money. For instance, it may be dependent on the time period that the lawyer might need to spend working on the situation. From time to time, it may depend on how hard or convoluted your particular situation is.

How to Prevent Denial Of Discharge?

As well as advising you about what money you will legally spend, a great bankruptcy lawyer can help you know what you might not do before filing for bankruptcy, like moving money or property for family or friends, or incurring new debt in anticipation of submitting.

Most bankruptcy lawyers use specialized bankruptcy applications that place the request in the right format, makes certain the necessary information is filled in, and cross-references amounts between the programs.


There are lots of questions you will have to inquire about when you hire a bankruptcy attorney in San Diego. If you’re going through the event and you’ve got whatever you find confusing, then make sure you ask about it with the help of San Diego lawyers. In case you’ve selected a quality bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego, then they’ll be glad to answer any questions which you might have.


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