4 Areas of Law Practice that are Gaining Popularity

Unless your friends and family are lawyers, they probably think your day is like a romance-filled episode of Ally McBeal, with a little Law and Order drama thrown in there for good measure. You know that the hours are long, the stress is mounting and the workload would fell lesser mortals. But it is still an interesting and desirable career track, and these days, some lawyers with experience in specialty niches are more in-demand than ever. Here are four of the areas of law practice that are gaining in popularity.

  1. Environmental law. If you recall 1995’s Clueless, the handsome stepbrother declared his wish to get into environmental law. It was clearly to reveal the do-gooder aspect of the character, but these days, attorneys specializing in everything “green” are highly sought after and may become so swamped that www.perdiemattorneys.com must come to the rescue.
  2. Bankruptcy law. The recession hit hard, and people today are still struggling. Declaring bankruptcy has become the only option for more and more individuals, but these people are seeking legal counsel so that, even if the situation may be a blow to their dignity, they know their rights.
  3. Poverty law. As mentioned, people today are struggling to get by, and more families are slipping below the poverty line as a result. Being impoverished often has the effect of leaving people voiceless, without advocates. Luckily, more lawyers are taking up the causes of the poor and ensuring that justice is caste-blind.
  4. Intellectual property law. The deposition scenes from The Social Network come to mind here, where two classmates are suing Mark Zuckerberg for intellectual property theft. As technology now spreads ideas like wildfire and creative output has the potential to make millions of dollars, more individuals and corporations are interested in protecting what’s theirs.

The law profession dates back to ancient times, and it may be that the old adage is true: the side with the best lawyer always wins.

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