Software Reviews on the Internet

One of the more innovative ways to make money online is to write software reviews for companies which would benefit from it. It is a proven fact that good reviews increase sales and since software is often quite expensive, you might be able to earn around $50 for a very good review. Actually there are some sites which pay for the best reviews. Unfortunately, for a typical review you will probably earn only 1$. You can also do it on your own and contact different companies directly to cut out the middleman. Companies which do not have reviews or testimonials will be interested the most, as larger companies have plenty of advertising already. This is definitely a quite interesting idea to make money.

Prevent People from Modifying Your Documents

If you want to prevent people from modifying your documents and you use Powerpoint a lot, then you may be interested in this article. Your PowerPoint presentation and all the slides in it are your original, creative work of art. If you work in an office with multiple other office workers, the chances are that somebody might want to steal the content of your presentation and make it appear as his own. Fortunately, you can protect your work from being taken over by somebody. You can protect your PowerPoint presentation with a password. It is easy to do.

First open your PowerPoint presentation and go to File in the upper menu bar. Next, Select Save As. A drop down menu will appear. Choose Security Options here. Now it is time to enter your password. Enter first “Password to open” and after that “Password to modify”. After you are done with that press OK. Now you will have a chance to confirm your password. Remember that your password must contain no more than 15 signs. Simply press OK and save the changes.

This is especially a good idea if your presentation is a surprise or if there is some confidential data there.

Ergonomic Mouses

Some new ergonomic mouses have been recently released and from the looks of it they seem quite innovative when it comes to design. They were built in mind to make using a mouse easier on the wrist and it is designed to be hold more like a pen then a traditional mouse. It basically conforms to the hand like a pen would and costs around $30. You can use it with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and it might be an interesting experience using it as it is very original. I wonder in what direction will the development of such products go. Are they going to replace our traditional mouse? Only time will tell.

Using Bullets and Numbering

Some bloggers like to write their posts in a Word document. Your MS Word document does not have to consist of plain text only. There are many nice ways to make it organized and easier for a reader to read. Usually in the literature you will encounter roman numerals for the main topic, capital letters for the subtopic, numbers for the details and lower case letters for the sub-details. Word documents have a feature that will allow you to automate the process of inserting numerals and letters so that you will not have to worry about doing it yourself.

In order to do that from the top menu bar select Format, then choose Bullets and Numbering. Next, from the Numbered tab choose the basic numerals and letters. For more advanced numerals and letters go to Outline Numbered tab. This option is usually more practical as it will enable you to successfully organize your dissertation. I found those to be more useful than the numerals and letters from the Outline Numbered tab.

Using Headers and Footers

As you probably know, a header is a text box that appears on every page of your document and a footer is a similar text box that appears at the bottom of every page. You can fill these boxes with the text of your choice. Headers and footers are very useful if you want to number the pages of your document, put your name of each page or put a date on each page.

In order to create a header or footer in a Word document, select View from the top menu. Look there for Header and Footer. This should bring the Header and Footer toolbar. To have your computer automatically number your pages, click Insert Page Number. To fill the header and footer box, go to this box and put your text. After you have done what you wanted, close the header and footer menu.